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Villa Batu Jimbar (5br)

Villa Batu Jimbar (5br)


Villa Batujimbar is located in the heart of Sanur, on the southeastern tip of Bali. This four suite beachfront estate is cocooned in the Batujimbar Estate, giving it a serene and magical atmosphere while being surrounded by world-class restaurants and local attractions. Villa Batujimbar is ambience personified with personalized private service, facilities such as tennis court, large pool, air-conditioned gym, its own museum housing an outstanding art collection and unlimited direct access to the golden sand and azure waters that form a natural border to the estate.

Immersed in a rich history and set on spacious grounds surrounded by outstanding Balinese paintings, stone carvings and wall murals, Villa Batujimbar is a historic inspiration. The estate was the realization of a dream by Donald Friend, considered one of Australia’s most important artists. Friend resided in Sanur for much of the 1960s and 1970s. Villa Batujimbar is a testimony to Friend’s strong interest in traditional Balinese architecture and its reinterpretation.

Sri Lankan Geoffrey Bawa, an internationally recognized prolific and influential architect helped bring Friend’s vision to life. The overall concept was inspired by the nineteenth century palaces at Klungkung and Amlapura. In 1975, Bawa designed various additions to the house, including a large museum building to house Friend’s collection of Balinese artworks and artifacts as well as Friend’s own paintings. Made of Majapahit red brick and rectangular in shape, the museum is set formally in the center of the compound with a moat around it and a long pool in the front.

Following Friend’s departure from Bali, Adrian Zecha, the founder of the Aman resorts became the estate’s owner. Subsequently, Zecha’s in house designer, Ed Tuttle (designer of many award winning hotels) was called in to refurbish the estate. Tuttle’s renovation gave the estate a new organized look emphasizing clean lines and space. The next owner, international entrepreneur Graeme Robertson faithfully restored the estate to capture lifestyle opulence with the addition of a tennis court, gym and an impressive collection of art for the museum. Now for the first time Villa Batujimbar has opened its magic for special experiences, Value Link Investments presents the opportunity for corporates looking for unique Board Meeting experiences or families, special experiences.

The estate is spread over 1 hectare of landscaped gardens and ponds and made up of a number of separate buildings following the design of Balinese compounds with the kitchen in the south, the temple in the north-east, and the main house in the west. With wonderful indoor-outdoor relationships, orienting its various structures to catch views and breezes, and using traditional materials such as alang-alang thatching, bamboo, brick and paras stone, Villa Batujimbar creates its own magical ambience.

Our Room

Villa Batujimbar has four generously sized suites, each with an open-plan en-suite bathroom. Two of the suites (suites three and four) are next to each other, located on the east of the estate. The other two suites (suites one and two) are located across the courtyard. The suites are luxurious, yet simple and uncluttered.

Number of suites with king size beds 5
Number of en-suite bathrooms 5 (Suites 1 and 3 have outdoor showers)
Private courtyard suites 1 and 2
Dressing areas All suites
Air conditioning All suites
TV and DVD player Suites 2, 3 and 4
Inter-connecting room Suites 1 and 2
Safe deposit box All suites


Rooms cleaned daily
Turn down service
Laundry service available in house at no charge
Dry cleaning can be arranged. Charged at cost.
Breakfast is served and included in cost.
Lunch and dinner can be arranged at cost with additional payment for duty staff.
Cultural performances arranged at cost.
Transportation organised at cost.


Located by the private museum, Villa batujimbar’s swimming pool stretches 25 meters. A pool pavilion lies adjacent which has a bathroom as well as a large sitting area.

Villa Batujimbar’s gym has a wide range of equipment including an elliptical runner, treadmill, multi-purpose station, hamstring machine, a range of dumbells and swiss balls.

Tennis Court
Villa Batujimbar’s tennis court is situated towards the front of the estate. A tennis pavilion with fridge, sitting area, and toilet is situated beside it. One of our staff members, Made, himself a fine tennis player, is also able to be a hitting partner.

Massage, body scrubs, facials, pedicures, manicures and hair braiding are just a few of the treatments which can be enjoyed at Villa Batujimbar.

The private museum has a large collection of Balinese art and artifacts by local and western masters, many of which depict scenes from Villa Batujimbar. Paintings showcase the development of art in Bali and present artists who found inspiration in Bali. It houses a superb collection of original Donal Friend paintings from the Value Link collection.

Other facilities
Villa Batujimbar has direct access to the Sanur Beach. There is a wide path running the entire length of the beach which makes it easy for a leisurely stroll, an energetic early morning jog, or a relaxing bicycle ride where you can stop at the many beach-side cafes for a refreshing drink or a delicious meal.

A range of water activities such as snorkeling, water-skiing, jet-skiing, parasailing, wind-surfing, outrigger sailing and SCUBA diving can be found nearby in numerous water sport centers. Additionally, world class golf courses are close by and yoga instructors are available for private lessons. Our Villa Concierge will be more than happy to assist you in arranging activities.


Villa Batujimbar is located within the Batujimbar Estate, arguably Bali’s most exclusive district, in the center of Sanur. Traditionally a fishing village, Sanur is one of the few remaining Brahman kuasa villages in Bali controlled by members of the priestly caste. Among its many charms, Sanur boasts some of the most beautiful processions on the island, Bali’s only female keris dance and the island’s oldest stone inscription.

Sanur is steeped in history, with some of the earliest recorded writings in Bali emblazoned on a pillar known as the Prasanti Blanjong. The pillar dates back to AD 913 and is now kept in a temple in Blanjong village, located in the south of Sanur. The inscriptions detail the arrival of a Javanese King who came to Bali to teach Mahayana Buddhism.

Quiet and relatively laid back, Sanur still has the feeling of old Bali. Ancient temples can be found interspersed along the Sanur coast. Characterized by coral walled enclosures providing shelter to platform altars, this style of temple is unique to the Sanur coast.

Sanur makes a good base for exploring the island as it is served by a main dual-carriage road that passes inland and not along the beach itself. Travel to Ubud takes 30 minutes, Seminyak, 25 minutes, the airport, 20 minutes and Bali’s capital, Denpasar, 15 minutes.

An excellent center for families, nearby, but detached from the popular tourist areas of Bali. Ready access to the Jimbaran restaurant area and on the main road to Ubud, Sanur represents the entrance to the mountain kingdoms and conversely, the coastal playgrounds. Good restaurants and massage and spa facilities are readily available in the quiet romantic environment of Sanur.

Villa Batu Jimbar Rates per Night

  • Low Season US$ 1500
  • High Season USD 1700
    July 1 - 31. Septe,bet 1 - 15
  • Peak Season US$ 1900
    Aug.1st - 31st, Dec. 20 - Jan.10
  • Rates are including tax and service charge
    Minimum of staying : 3 Nights

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